The Clan Gathers Assembles Convenes Reunites Meets Reconnects

A Reunion Long Overdue

It has been quite some time since the family has been together. Families have grown, lives have gotten busier. This July, members of the Ramsey, Hofmann, Robillard, Berg, Farrell, Konz, Albert, Coleman and Slattery families return to Shorewood to revisit some of our favorite past memories and make many more new ones. Join us July 21-24, 2023 for the RamFam Clan Gathering in Shorewood.


A Clan With a Plan

Join us as we reconnect at some of our favorite Shorewood locales

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4-5:30 pm:

Arrival and Lodging Check-in


6 pm:

Welcome Pizza Dinner @ MOD PIZZA
4151 N. Oakland Av (at Wood St)
PH: 414.509.8350

Friday, 21 July
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8:30 am:

Walk the Block…a short Stroll Down Richland Court


10 am:

Tour of Shorewood High School (Optional)


11:30 am:

Visits to Old Family Residences (Optional)

3456 N. Bartlett Av (where Anne Ramsey and Hank Hofmann grew up)

2617 E. Capitol Dr. (former residence of Wally & Edie Berg)

1 pm:

Clan Lunch @ Pandl’s Whitefish Bay Inn

1319 E. Henry Clay Rd, WF Bay
PH: 414.964.3800 Web:

2:30 pm:

Rest Period—Back to individual residences to rest, refresh, re-load

3:45 pm:

Optional Evening Events (Advance sign-up needed)

      • Baseball at American Family Field. The Milwaukee Brewers vs. The Atlanta Braves
      • Visit the Milwaukee Art Museum on the Lake
      • Visit the Milwaukee Zoo
      • Evening Cruise Lake Michigan

Saturday, 22 July
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10 am:

Meet and Hang Out @ Atwater Beach


11:30 am:

Lunch at the Beach


1 pm:

Rest Period—Back to individual residences to rest, refresh, re-load


3 pm:

Tour of 4059 Richland Ct., now the home of Sarah Dwyer-Olson (since 2016)


6 pm:

Clan Dinner @ The Milwaukee Brat House
4022 N. Oakland Av, Shorewood
PH: 414.539.5826

7 pm:

Dessert @ Kopps Frozen Custard
4373 N Port Washington Rd, Glendale, WI 53217
PH: 414.961.3288

Sunday, 23 July
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9:30 am:

Closing Brunch @ Solly’s Grille
4629 N. Port Washington Rd, Glendale

Monday, 24 July
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Richland Court

Built by George Shipley in 1913, 4059 Richland Court was originally called the Oscar and Amalia Fischedick House.

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Atwater School

Many days were spent at the playground at Atwater School.

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Atwater Beach

From days at the beach to mornings at the playground, Atwater Beach was a special place for us all.

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Bartlett Ave

The original Ramsey residence.

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Shorewood High School

Our beloved high school.

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Hubbard Park

A great place for barbeques and spending time as a family.

Berg Residence

Former residence of Steve Berg

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Hayek Drugs

Established pharmacy and soda shop.

Shorewood Village Bakery

Home to the fresh-baked long john's we all knew and loved.

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Pig & Whistle

From the Big Chief burger to the Ball Park ice cream, the Pig 'n Whistle was a hub for families looking for a good, cheap meal.

Ming Gardens

Family restaurant of childhood schoolmate Harvey Wong, Ming Gardens was the go-to Chinese restaurant.

Stomping Grounds

Shorewood holds a special place in all of our hearts. For those who grew up there, our memories are flooded with playing kick-the-can and ice skating in our neighbor’s backyard. For those of us who followed, it feels like only yesterday we were running around the playground at Atwater Beach and eating fresh-baked long johns for breakfast.

Shorewood Memories

When I locked my friend Kathleen McCormack in the attic of our Richland ct home.

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Mary Berg

Years of family gatherings!

Testimonial Item

'Cille Ramsey

Playing in the attic while the adults were downstairs having cocktails and laughing!

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Holly Hofmann

Browsing Teacher's Pet for Playmobile, playing at Atwater playground and sliding across the third-floor bedroom in our socks.

Testimonial Item

Erin Slattery

Dad grilling out in the backyard on his Hasty Bake grill—which sat on top of the stone grill built into the patio.

Testimonial Item

Steve Ramsey

Do You Know Your Clan History?

What was the first paved road in Shorewood?

Richland Court

Anne Ramsey went to college when?

When Rusty went off to the University of Michigan.

Which Clan members were married in 1969 at St. Robert's Church in Shorewood?

Steve & 'Cille Ramsey

Is Ramsey a Scottish Clan?

The Ramsays are of Anglo-Norman origin. Simon de Ramseie came to Scotland with David I, who granted him lands in Lothian. From Simon descended the Ramsay's of Dalhousie. Clan Ramsay of Dalhousie goes back to at least 1296, when William de Ramsay first appears

What manufacturing giant company CEO lived on Richland Court?

Harry Stratton of Briggs and Stratton

Ed Ramsey signed the papers to formally incorporate what group for the very first time?

The Milwaukee A Cappella Choristers, Inc.

What part of the Shorewood house were grandchildren reminded to stay away from?

The balcony looking into the back yard

What is the origin of the Ramsey name?

Ramsey/Ramsay originated as a local place name in England during the Anglo-Norman era, deriving from the Latin 'de Rameseia' (of wild garlic island), places in old Huntingdonshire, England, where Ramsey remains a local name.

What is the Ramsey Scottish crest?

The crest badge suitable for a member of Clan Ramsay contains the crest: A unicorn's head couped Argent armed Or, and the motto ORA ET LABORA (from Latin: pray and work).

What confection store sold the best caramel apples and fudge in the business?

May's Candy Store

Who in the Hofmann clan doesn’t have a middle name?

Clan Chief Henry Hofmann

How old was Mary Ramsey when she was locked out side her Richland court home?

Will have to ask Mary Ramsey

What is the meaning of the surname "Ramsey"?

Low-lying land. The British gender-neutral name Ramsey means “low-lying land.” This name is said to be a topographic surname from either Huntingdonshire or Essex. A more popular spelling of this name would be Ramsay.